Introducing the Kies Carbon BMW F30 3 series carbon fiber performance inspired trunk spoiler for your 2012-2018 F30 BMW 3 series sedans. It also fits the 2014+ F80 M3 sports sedan big brother.

This trunk spoiler will fit any model F30 BMW 3 series (320i, 328i, 335i, 340i, etc) or F80 M3 so if you're looking to give that car in your rear view something to look at, this is the perfect upgrade for you.

Yes, our trunk spoiler will fit the LCI face-lifted F30 BMW 3 series (2016-2018 models).

You do not need to have the M sport package for this lip to fit, so even if you have the base model, this trunk lip will install properly.

This performance inspired design has a high-kick wing, meaning it flares up a bit more than the standard trunk spoilers to give it a more aggressive stance.

This is a great first mod on anyone's journey in the aftermarket world and truly adds quite a dynamic look to the stock 3 series, or to replace that teenie weenie trunk lip on otherwise aggressively styled M3.

You will find yourself staring at this piece of art, lost in thought, with a huge smile stretched across your face.

Kies F80 trunk lip install DIY YouTube video

Actual customer photos:

red f80 cf performance trunk lip spoiler 01

red f80 cf performance trunk lip spoiler 03

red f80 cf performance trunk lip spoiler 04

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