Paul Johnson S55 - BMW F80 F82 M3 M4 F87 M2C CUSTOM TUNE - Kies Motorsports
Paul Johnson S55 - BMW F80 F82 M3 M4 F87 M2C CUSTOM TUNE - Kies Motorsports
Paul Johnson S55 - BMW F80 F82 M3 M4 F87 M2C CUSTOM TUNE - Kies Motorsports
Paul Johnson S55 - BMW F80 F82 M3 M4 F87 M2C CUSTOM TUNE - Kies Motorsports
Paul Johnson S55 - BMW F80 F82 M3 M4 F87 M2C CUSTOM TUNE - Kies Motorsports
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Paul Johnson S55 - BMW F80 F82 M3 M4 F87 M2C CUSTOM TUNE



Custom tuning for S55 is available for pump gas, race gas, full E85 and E85 blends, as well as WMI.  Results will vary depending on the fuel used. 

We also offer road course specific tune calibrations where linear power delivery, smooth pedal sensitivity and torque management are dialed in so that you can exit the corners as smoothy as possible.

These are results that can be expected with stock turbos on an average reading Dynojet in good ambient conditions:
  • 93 Octane Pump Gas:  500+whp
  • 93 Octane Pump Gas + Meth: 550+whp
  • E85: 575+whp
  • E85 + meth: 600+whp 

These approximate results apply to Pure Stage 2+ and Vargas GC+on a average reading Dynojet in ideal ambient conditions. 

  • 93 Octane Pump Gas:  630+whp
  • 93 Octane Pump Gas + meth:  690+whp
  • E50 on Stock Fuel System:  650+whp
  • E50 + meth:  700+whp
  • E85 + meth stock fuel system:  720+whp
  • E85 with Port Injection:  750+ whp 
  • E85 with Port Injection, built motor:  800+whp
*Results may vary depending on supporting mods, turbo brand, DA, Etc.

With upgraded turbos the power potential will come down to fuel octane.

Additional octane and oxygen content in the fuel is really needed to open up substantial power increases with a custom tune. E85 or even mild blends of ethanol like E30 or a Methanol injection kit can allow for a substantial increase in performance over pump gas alone. To take full advantage of upgraded turbos on full E85 you have to have Port Injection or meth injection. E40-50 seems to be the best blend with just the stock fuel system on upgraded turbos.

To take advantage of upgraded turbos on Full E85 you will need additional fueling beyond the capabilities of the stock fuel system. We recommend a fuel-it Stage 4 Port Injection kit with 750cc injectors and the AIC Split Second flash only controller. The other option is to add methanol injection. We recommend a minimum of two CM10 sized nozzles in the charge pipes and using 100% methanol. Either of these fueling upgrades will allow for 700+whp in most situations. At that point, the limit is only the stock rods, which Paul likes to stay under 650wtq/720whp to keep it safe on the stock motor.

Beyond power, the other benefits to Paul’s custom tune are drivability things, such as reducing that touchy pedal tip-in that makes it harder to launch in 1st with an aggressive tune, especially with 6mt. Pedal smoothness is similar to stock. Also, torque management by gear and rpm for increased traction in the lower gears is included with a custom tune. Other custom features are aggressive burbles and gunshot burbles / flames adjusted to taste as well as exhaust flap behavior in each mode. GTS startup roar aggressiveness can also be customized.

Some of the available map features  :

  • Top speed limiter removal
  • Exhaust flap adjustments
  • Cold start (cat heating on startup) removal for quieter cold start
  • Cat efficiency check (CEL) removal for de-cat downpipes (for off-road use)
  • Maps for upgraded turbos
  • E85, Ethanol blends, race gas and meth injection tuning
  • Custom Pedal Mapping
  • Linear torque curve maps
  • Traction management by rpm/gear
  • Road course, 1/4mi Drag, and 1/2mi specific tuning. 
  • Backend Flash maps for use with piggybacks
  • Custom burbles with greater aggression/adjustment range than OTS maps.  
  • Gunshots/flames tuning (requires full decat)
  • Customized i-Drive sport gauges

Our custom tunes require the remote tuning platform Bootmod3 by Pro Tuning Freaks. If you don't have Bootmod3 you can purchase a licence here.

Once you have purchased a custom tune from us and have activated your BM3 license you will need to request a custom tune within the BM3 app.  Here's how:

Within the Bootmod3 app you would go to your "My Maps" screen and click the button at the top "Request Custom", then choose  "Paul Johnson Tunes".   In the description/comments list your mods, fuel(tested eth% etc), and goals for the tune.

Additional custom map variations for the same vehicle after initial tune (such as a matching pump gas map to accompany a race tune) can be purchased for $450

Once we receive your payment and your BM3 tune request Paul will prepare the base map for you to flash. 

Once the base map is flashed to the vehicle you will datalog the car.  Paul will review the logs and make the necessary revisions to the tune based on the logs. 

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