Cary Jordan Custom N55/N20 Tune

Cary Jordan Custom N55/N20 Tune

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  • $499.00

If you're serious about the performance of your F Series BMW, then a custom tune by Cary Jordan is right for you!

With over 400 custom tunes under his belt, Cary is one of the most experienced in the industry, making some of the most powerful BMWs in the world, while keeping safety in mind.

Cary Jordan Custom Tunes include

- Custom tuning, specific to your BMW

- All revisions needed for your current setup/fuel

- 2 Hours of remote dyno tuning

- Free updates as long as you own the car



To be qualified for a custom tune, you'll need:

- A BootMod3 license (

- An Enet Cable & Battery Charger (


Once a custom tune has been purchased, we will walk you through the appropriate next steps to get you on your way!