Let your imagination take flight, and free your mind, your senses, and feel the spirit of the road through your brand new custom made steering wheel. Stand out from the crowd and fall in love with your vehicle all over again. With the Kies Motorsports bespoke steering wheel program, you have the opportunity to take control and upgrade one of the most important piece of equipment that will not only look amazing, but feel amazing as well.


Choose from a variety of custom finishes. We have carbon fiber finishes in gloss black, matte black (shown in picture), or even colored carbon. We have leather options for the hand grip portion of the steering wheel. You can even customize the color of the stitching, as well as the plastic trim around airbag.


Select from 4 available shapes of your bespoke steering wheel. You have the option of having a rounded top with a flat bottom; flat top and flat bottom, contoured grips (2 tyles); Original style (OEM look shown in picture); or flat top and flat bottom with contoured grips.

customize, customize, customize

Standard Carbon Fiber

Standard Carbon Fiber

Available in a exquisite gloss finish or an exotic matte finish. Colored choices are also available.
Honeycomb Carbon Fiber

Honeycomb Carbon Fiber

If you want something a little different, take a look at our honeycomb carbon fiber pattern.
Forged Carbon Fiber

Forged Carbon Fiber

For a truly unique look where no two pieces will ever look the same.

Sample Pricing Information

Basic Wheel - $1650 Shipped

OEM M3 steering wheel reshaped to round top, flat bottom, with contoured side grips. Finished with a gloss black carbon top & bottom section. Side grips upholstered using perforated leather & stitching


Premium Wheel - $2870 shipped

OEM M3 steering wheel reshaped to round top, flat bottom, with contoured side grips. Finished with full alcantara all around. Carbon fiber center trim, painted OEM buttons, upgraded carbon fiber paddle shifters, reupholstered airbag cover, and LED shift lights at the top of the wheel.

NOTE: Prices shown are to create reasonable expecations. These are custom made steering wheels using OEM cores that requires many hours of labor and TLC to create the ultimate steering wheel for you. We are aware that there are cheaper alternatives out there, but we only want to bring you the best, because we value quality as well as safety. By using OEM parts as a foundation, we can be sure we don't compromise the original integrity of the steering wheel. We use high quality raw materials (carbon fiber, leather options, stitching, etc) for the finishing touches so your steering wheel will not only look good, but will last the test of time.


Please note that it can take up to 48 hours for us to provide you a quote, so we thank you in advanced for your patience.

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