Do you offer installations at your shop in New Jersey?

As of March of 2020, we made a decision to stop doing installations, with the exception of approved video projects and a small amount of Crank Hub jobs for the M2c, F80 M3 and F82 M4. Please see below for an installer recommendation and information on video projects/Crank Hub installations.

Why did you stop?

In business, it’s always a good idea to take a step back every now and again to evaluate your business to see what you could be doing better. We knew that if we stepped out of installations, that we would be able to do two things better. First, we knew that we could reallocate resources to ramp up our customer service team to make it the best they can be. Second, by having less cars in the shop, it freed us up to make more videos for our YouTube channel. By ramping up the video content, we’ve been able to reach millions of people around the globe and give them the confidence to work on their own cars, with the new skills they were able to learn.

I see in your videos that you have a Dyno. Can I book a Dyno session?

At this time, we aren’t offering Dyno services. If you’re looking to get your car on a Dyno, we’ve used this site before to locate local Dynos, and it may be helpful to you as well: click here

How do I apply for a video project?

In rare cases, we do take on projects for videos. In these cases, we do our best to complete the video in one day, but the car may need to stay for a few days, weeks, etc, depending on what the project is. If we accept the video project, the installation and or parts will mostly be discounted, but this is case by case. To submit a proposal for a video project, please email us at info@kiesmotorsports.com

Do you have any shops that you recommend for installations?

If you’re in the New Jersey area, we’d recommend that you speak with TSD Motorsports for installation needs. Cliff and others from TSD Motorsports formerly worked for Kies Motorsports, before we made the decision to discontinue installation services. They have experience with everything from charge pipes, to turbo installs and can complete most requests. For an installation quote from TSD Motorsports, please fill out the below contact form and they would be happy to assist. Please note, TSD Motorsports is not a part or affiliated with Kies Motorsports and are their own entity.

How much is a crank hub installation and how do I get on the schedule?

For the F87, F80 and F82 Crank Hubs, we offer a few options:

Package 1: $3,400, plus tax, includes:
- CarBahn Autoworks Crank Hub
- Includes the hub, gaskets, filters, oil, labor, etc.

Package 2: $3,800, plus tax, includes:
- 4 Pin Hub (RK Autowerks OR Version 2 of the original Max PSI Design)
- Includes the hub, gaskets, filters, oil, labor, etc.

For crank hub installations, we’re typically 2+ months out for scheduling and we require a $300 deposit. Because of the length of time required for a crank hub installation, we only do them on weekends with our BMW master technician. We have you drop off on a Friday before 2pm and pick up the following Monday. Additionally, we’re currently only installing hubs that were purchased through Kies. For additional questions on our crank hub service, please email us at info@kiesmotorsports.com and we will be happy to assist.

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