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Bimmertech CarPlay and Android Auto MMI Prime for CIC Retrofit - Kies Motorsports
Bimmertech CarPlay and Android Auto MMI Prime for CIC Retrofit - Kies Motorsports
Bimmertech CarPlay and Android Auto MMI Prime for CIC Retrofit - Kies Motorsports
Bimmertech CarPlay and Android Auto MMI Prime for CIC Retrofit - Kies Motorsports
Bimmertech CarPlay and Android Auto MMI Prime for CIC Retrofit - Kies Motorsports
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Bimmertech CarPlay and Android Auto MMI Prime for CIC Retrofit




Bringing an older BMW’s multimedia system up to modern day standards is on the to-do list of many retrofit enthusiasts. And with CarPlay MMI Prime for the CIC head unit, you can easily add functionalities that would be at home in the newest cars.

CarPlay MMI Prime for the CIC iDrive system comes with upgraded, refreshed software and has a modernized interface, which allows for easy use of iPhone and Android apps, including Google Maps, Waze, Tidal, Spotify, Messages, WhatsApp, etc., on your native dashboard screen. Following your needs, we’ve also made it possible for you to connect your iPhone wirelessly with your car, and gave you the option of convenient navigation between the apps with Siri voice control.

BimmerTech’s CarPlay MMI Prime upgrade is compatible with E-series and F-series (only 5 / 6 / 7 and X3 - Series) cars with CIC iDrive systems. It additionally includes Android Auto, which you can use either wirelessly or with the MMI’s USB port. If your phone supports wireless Android Auto, you can definitely enjoy the wireless capability. However, in case your phone is not compatible you’ll still be able to use the Android Auto via USB as long as you have the Android Auto app installed.

bimmertech mmi cic retrofitCarPlay MMI Prime features:
  1. Wireless CarPlay capability
  2. USB multimedia and charging port
  3. Full-Screen Mode
  4. Easy control while driving
  5. Android Auto support
  6. Integration with Front and Rear View Cameras
  7. High-quality audio with an equalizer
  8. Other features
1. Wireless CarPlay capability

With CarPlay MMI Prime you can connect your iPhone wirelessly to the head unit. It only takes one wireless pairing of your iPhone and CarPlay MMI to help the MMI recognize your iPhone every time you enter your car and connect wirelessly, even if your phone is in your pocket or bag. Plus, CarPlay also gives you the option on answering or making calls hands-free via the CarPlay interface.

If you’d rather connect your iPhone with the use of cable, you are also free to do so. CarPlay MMI Prime supports both wired and wireless phone connections.

2. USB multimedia and charging port

Our CarPlay solution comes with a USB port, which lets you charge your iPhone on longer drives. You can also use it for playing videos and music on your iDrive Screen from a USB thumb drive.

The MMI's USB port can also be used in the future for software updates.  So, if you won't be using it for charging or multimedia playback - make sure to place it in an accessible location.

3. Full-Screen Mode

CarPlay MMI Prime allows you to use all your favorite CarPlay-compatible iPhone apps on the original BMW display in full-screen. The retrofit's 1280x480 resolution for big screens and 800x480 resolution for small screens is perfect for all screen sizes.

Note that in MINIs with a rounded screen, a small part of each corner of the CarPlay interface will be obscured when using full-screen mode.

The Full-Screen mode additionally includes a Screen Mirroring option — it lets you cast the screen of your mobile device onto the BMW’s display, and stream audio through the car speakers. While iPhones mirror wirelessly, Android phones require a cable connection.

Please note that mirroring of some apps or content using the Screen Mirroring feature may be blocked due to the copyright-holder's DRM. BimmerTech is not responsible for the continued compatibility of any third-party apps with CarPlay MMI Prime.

4. Easy control while driving 

To navigate the CarPlay apps, you can use the Siri voice control or the iDrive controller.

5. Wireless Android Auto support

The kit contains a Multimedia Interface (MMI) — a module that also adds Android Auto to your BMW. So if you have family members or friends with Android smartphones, connecting their devices will be a breeze too!

To enjoy Android Auto wirelessly your phone has to support the wireless Android Auto. If it doesn’t, you’ll still be able to use the Android Auto via USB - just make sure you have the Android Auto app installed.

6. Integration with Front and Rear View Cameras

Ordering your front and reverse cameras along with the MMI (Multimedia Interface) module may help you save some extra bucks, as they come much cheaper as a complete kit.  The front view camera can easily be activated by holding the Option button for 2 seconds. To exit camera mode, just press Back. It can also be set up to appear automatically for up to 20 seconds when shifting from Reverse to Drive.

7. High-quality audio with an equalizer

The audio output circuit in the CarPlay MMI Prime has been carefully selected to squeeze all the quality we can out of the iDrive AUX input, so that it provides great audio quality for music and streaming. Something that’s also upgraded in our new MMI Prime is the quality of phone calls — we’ve managed to reduce reverberation for the comfort of clear and undisturbed conversations.

8. Other features:
  • CarPlay MMI Prime supports devices running iOS up to version 13;
  • Play music through the BMW stereo system with the help of the AUX input.
  • Our CarPlay retrofit also uses the factory car microphone for Siri voice commands; This means that you can access your iTunes library, get the latest news or send texts hands-free. For this feature to work, your BMW has to have Bluetooth or Voice Control;
  • The installation is completely plug & play and 100% reversible.
Compatible with:
BMW 1 Series: Convertible E88 (2006-2013), Coupé E82 (2006-2013), 3-door Hatchback E81 (2006-2011), 5-door Hatchback E87 (2006-2011), 5-door Hatchback F20 (2010-2018), 3 - door Hatchback F21(2010 - 2018), Sedan F52 (2015-2018); BMW 2 Series: Active Tourer F45 (2013-2018), Convertible F23 (2014-2018), Coupe F22 (2012-2018), Coupe M2 F87 (2014-2018), Grand Tourer F46 (2014-2018); BMW 3 Series: Coupe E92 (2005-2013), Convertible E93(2005 - 2013), Gran Turismo F34(2012 - 2018), Sedan E90(2004 - 2012), Sedan F30(2011 - 2018), Sedan F35(2011 - 2018), Sedan M3 F80(2012 - 2018), Touring E91 (2004 - 2012), Touring F31(2011 - 2018); BMW 4 Series: Convertible F33(2013 - 2017), Coupé F32 (2012-2018), Gran Coupé F36 (2013-2018), M4 Convertible F83 (2013-2018), M4 Coupé F82 (2013-2018); BMW 5 Series: Gran Turismo F07 (2008-2017), Sedan E60 (2001-2010), Sedan F10 (2009-2016), Sedan G30 (2015-2018), Sedan M5 F90 (2016-2018), Touring G31 (2016-2018), Wagon E61 (2002-2010), Wagon F11 (2009-2017); BMW 6 Series: Convertible E64 (2002-2010), Convertible F12 (2009-2018), Coupé E63 (2002-2010), Coupé F13 (2010-2015), Gran Coupé F06 (2011-2018), Gran Turismo G32 (2016-2018), Gran Turismo G32 (2017-2020); BMW 7 Series: Hybrid F04 (2008-2012), Long Sedan E66 (2000-2008), Long Sedan E67 (2002-2008), Long Sedan F02 (2007-2015), Long Sedan F03 (2008-2012), Long Sedan G12 (2014-2018), Sedan E65 (2000-2008), Sedan F01 (2007-2015), Sedan G11 (2014-2018), Sedan G12 (2015-2020); BMW I3 Series: I01 (2013-2018); BMW X1 Series: Crossover E84 (2008-2015), Crossover F48 (2014-2018), Crossover F49 (2014-2018); BMW X2 Series: SUV F39 (2016-2018); BMW X3 Series: SUV E83 (2003-2010), SUV F25 (2009-2017), SUV G01 (2016-2018); BMW X4 Series: Crossover F26 (2013-2018), SUV G02 (2019-2020); BMW X5 Series: SUV E70 (2006-2013), SUV F15 (2012-2018), SUV F85 (2013-2018), SUV G05 (2019-2020); BMW X6 Series: Crossover E71 (2007-2014), Crossover F16 (2013-2018), Crossover M F86 (2013-2018), Hybrid E72 (2008-2011), SUV G06 (2020-2020); BMW Z4 Series: Roadster E89 (2008-2016), Roadster G29 (2019-2020); Mini: Clubman F54, F55, F56, Convertible F57, Countryman F60, Paceman R60, Paceman R61; BMW 8 Series: Convertible G14 (2019-2020), Coupe G15 (2019-2020); BMW X7 Series: SUV G07 (2019-2020),
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