*If there is any damage to this product, Kies Motorsports must be notified within 48 hours of delivery.*

The KIES polypropylene F22/F23 M2 style front bumper was designed to fit the F2X generation BMW 2 series coupe/convertible. This unique conversion will give your F22/F23 BMW 2 series a cosmetic makeover similar to that of its F87 M2 big brother. Give your car the face lift you've always wanted and stand out from the crowd!

Our kits are comprehensive and come with almost everything needed to do the conversion including installation hardware. You may need to reuse your front kidney grills, fog lamps, roundel, and rear bumper reflectors. You should not need to purchase any additional parts assuming all your OEM parts are in tact and in good shape.

This F22/F23 M2 style front bumper was engineered specifically to fit standard F2X BMW models, so the dimensions are not identical to the F87 M2 and those parts are not interchangeable.

Only one version is available - without PDC (parking) sensors, and without fogs. This means if you current have have PDC, you will need to drill your own holes, and transfer the PDC brackets from the OEM bumper. And if you currently have fog lights, you will need to delete them in order to use this M2 style bumper.

Note: This is an "European" style, meaning that the bumper panel does NOT have reflectors or holes. This is also known as the "reflector delete".

Why KIES? 
Is Quality, fitment, and durability important to you? 
Our industry leading manufacturer uses some of the most cutting edge technology, coupled with over 20+ years of experience to craft the highest quality, best fitting body panels so that the conversion process is painless and the end result is simply beautiful.

KIES kits are constructed using the same materials that OEMs use to manufacture their body panels.

  • Bumpers are crafted using polypropylene thermoplastics, a highly durable and flexible material.
  • Fenders are crafted from quality-grade steel.

Note: Aftermarket M2 parts will not fit this bumper, so please be aware of that when making your purchase.

Disclaimer: Although these kits can be installed on your own (DIY) we highly recommend that you utilize an experienced body shop to perform the labor. A professional body shop can be the difference maker between a good or bad result.

As best practice when looking for a shop, you should ask to see results of their previous work. If they claim to be experienced but have no tangible evidence, we would recommend caution when taking your business there. Kies Motorsports is not responsible for poor labor practices. 

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