About the CSF N54 High-Performance Radiator:

CSF Radiators are made from military grade aluminum to surpass any other radiator on the market for quality and durability.  Each radiator undergoes the most testing we've ever seen, with everything from burst pressure to wind tunnel testing, CSF demands the most out of their radiators to ensure they are the best performing and highest quality radiator you can buy.  Each radiator is designed to have drop in fitment, and require no modifications for installation. CSF even ensures their packaging is the best.  Each package is built to withstand a 10 foot drop to make sure that when you get your radiator, it's flawless.

CSF Radiators Feature:
  • 2-Row 42mm Core (Dual Core) Featuring CSF’s Exclusive B-Tube Technology
  • Core Features an Ultra-Efficient Fin with 6.5mm Fin Height and Multi-Louvered Design for Maximum Surface Area Contact
  • CNC Machined “Quick-Connect” Inlet/Outlet Connections 
  • CNC Machined Brackets and Fittings for Superb Fit and Durability
  • All-Aluminum Race Style Drain Plug
  • 1-Hour “Mirror Finish” Hand Polish
  • “Drop-in Fit” Requiring No Modifications to Install – Accepts All Attaching OEM Components Including “Quick-Connect” Hoses, AC Condenser, Mounting Brackets and Fan Shroud
Auto Trans Fitment (CSF#7081) [OEM # 17117618807]:
Year Model Sub-Model Chassis Code Engine Code
10-18 M135i(X) 5 doors F20 N55
14-18 M135i(X) 5 doors F20 N55
10-18 M135i(X) 3 doors F21 N55
12-17 M235i(X) Coupe F22 N55
14-17 M235i(X) Convertible F23 N55
11-15 335i(X) Sedan F30 N55
11-15 Hybrid 3 Sedan F30 N55
11-15 335i(X) Touring F31 N55
12-16 335i(X) Gran Turismo F34 GT N55
12-17 435i(X) Coupe F32 N55
13-17 435i(X) Convertible F33 N55
13-17 435i(X) Gran Coupe F36 Gran Coupe N55

Manual Trans Fitment (CSF#7080):
Year Model Sub-Model Chassis Code Engine Code
12-16 M235i(X) Coupe F22 N55
12-16 M235i Racing Coupe F22 N55
14-18 M2 Coupe F87 M2 N55
11-15 335i(X) Sedan F30 N55
12-16 435i(X) Coupe F32 N55
13-16 435i(X) Gran Coupe F36 Gran Coupe N55

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