Don't get left behind or have to do cool down laps at the track. The CSF High Performance Heat Exchanger helps solve heat soak issues with the S55 engine in the M3/M4 [F80/F82/F83]. For the track enthusiast this is a must have!

The CSF Heat Exchanger features a 2-row 42mm dual core with CSF's exclusive B-Tube Technology. B-Tube Technology allows for over 15% increase in cooling efficiency over a tradition O-tube design.

The Heat Exchanger helps with power gains, and makes a huge difference in power consistency. No one wants to be down on power after driving hard for 3 minutes right? Well, now you don't have to worry about that anymore! Also, this is a simple upgrade that does not involve custom installation so reverting back to stock later is easy to do if needed.

The CSF "Game Over" high performance heat exchanger features:

  • 2-row 42mm core (dual core) featuring CSF’s exclusive B-tube technology
  • Core features an ultra-efficient fin with 6.5mm fin height and multi-louvered design for maximum surface area contact
  • Dual-pass flow structure allows the coolant to flow across the core of the radiator 2 times before exiting the radiator for the lowest outlet temperature possible (OEM style design)
  • CNC machined, OEM style “quick-connect” inlet/outlet connections
  • CNC machined, OEM style mounting brackets & fittings for superb fit and durability
  • Includes removable aluminum rock guard
  • All-aluminum race style drain plug
  • 1 hour “mirror finish” hand polish
  • “Drop-in fit” requiring no modifications to install. Accepts all attaching OEM components including “quick-connect” hoses, mounting brackets, OEM X-brace, and all air ducting/shrouding

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