Plug-and-play DEPO headlight assemblies units for the F30/F31 generation BMW 3 series sedans or wagons. Each order comes with a pair of headlights (left and right units).


!!!! Please read carefully !!!!
  • This headlight is ONLY designed to fit the F30 sedan or F31 wagon model, and does NOT fit the F34 BMW 3 Series GT model.
  • This product is only compatible with 2012-2015 model years. It will not work with 2016 or newer!
  • If you have the factory Bi-Xenon headlights, these units will NOT fit your vehicle.

Since our DEPO headlights come without bulbs, all OEM bulbs can be re-used. If you can purchase an aftermarket bulbs, the socket size is H7 halogens. F30/F31 BMW 3 Series used H7 bulbs for both low and high beams. Turn signals are socket size PY21W if you are looking to replace those, but again, OEM turn signals can be transplanted.

*** LED/HID kits may NOT be compatible out of the box and may require modification of the cap in order to fit properly, however any modifications that you do will VOID the 6-month manufacturer's warranty. ***

  • True OEM Xenon Style Black Housing Projector Headlights.
  • x4 Angel Eye Halo Rings that are equipped with the latest V3 version BMW U-Shaped White LED Angel Eye rings.
  • As seen on the latest BMWs - Bright White LED Angel Eyes Halo Rings are Daytime Visible.
  • Projector Lens for the low beam gives you the maximum and increased visibility at night.

Warranty: Manufacture warranty is 6 months from the purchase date. The Manufacture warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, condensation (light misting), and/or physical damages. Any modification that has been done to the lights (including but not limited to HID or LED retrofits) will automatically void the manufacturer warranty. All incandescent bulbs that are included by the manufacturer is not covered under manufacturer warranty as if the light goes out, it is considered normal wear and tear.  Manufacture warranty does not cover broken joint and/or housing due to it being made of plastic and the over adjustment of this component will cause it to break.

This product being a special order item could take about 2-6 weeks to process and ship 

DIY Instructions:

Please note that Kiesmotorsports will not be responsible for any improper installation procedures. We produce these do-it-yourself videos to add value to fellow enthusiasts. These instructions assume that you have some basic automotive knowledge. If you are ever unsure, please defer to a professional for all your installation needs.

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