The Ultimate G20 Wheel Spacer Guide:

Please take a look at our spacer guide video first if you have any questions about this product. We hope the information provided will be helpful for you to make an informed purchase decision.


BMWs look great with the wheels the factory gives them. However, they can look better than factory and handle better when the appropriate wheel spacers for your BMW are used.

Depending on the model of your BMW, the suspension you use, your brake system, your tires, and any other modifications you may have made, those items will determine the ideal VAC Motorsports wheel spacer set for your BMW. Big Brake Kits, for example, while often require 10mm or wider wheel spacers.

  • Hub centric on both hub and wheel side
  • CNC cut from 1 piece of billet for the ultimate in strength
  • Multi stage machined for the perfect design
  • Pocketed for best balance between weight and strength
  • Completely chamfered rear edges for easy removal (no more seized or stuck on spacers!)
  • All surfaces and edges smooth for safety and quality
  • Clearly labeled (you can even check size while they are mounted on a vehicle!)
  • Hub centric on both hub and wheel side (recommend extender below for 5mm and 8mm): tested for ZERO wobble - confirmed at close to 200MPH!

Actual Customer Photos:

12 mm shown in the image above

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