Legal Agreements

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Terms & Conditions

I hereby authorize Kies Motorsports, LLC to perform Modifications, Product Installations, and/or Vehicle Repairs, as indicated on the associated invoice. I confirm that I own or have the authority to make decisions for the vehicle, to which the requested services and products are for. I acknowledge that Kies Motorsports, LLC is not responsible or liable for any issues or damage, which were caused by the products that the customer requested to have installed, modified or repaired, as indicated on the invoice, and the product manufacturer should be contacted for further product support and warranty related concerns. All BMW coding services are provided by BimmerTech and are not a service offered by Kies Motorsports, LLC. Additionally, I understand that it is my responsibility to abide by state and local laws and Kies Motorsports, LLC, is not responsible for any products or services that would violate any of these laws.

Payment Terms

Payment for the invoiced hardware and services is accepted in the form of on-site Cash, Credit & Debit through our QuickBooks Invoicing System and PayPal by making a payment to and referencing your invoice number. Hardware orders will be placed upon Kies Motorsports, LLC's receipt of the full hardware purchase price, including tax, if applicable. Service and installation charges and associated taxes are due upon the completion of the service or installation. Late payments are subject to a non-refundable 10% service charge.


By submitting payment and/or scheduling an appointment, I hereby authorize Kies Motorsports, LLC to perform the requested Installations, Modifications and/or Repairs to this vehicle.