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BMW F10 M5 Conversion Kit Introduction Video

by David @ PRO 21 Jan 2015
If you've seen the introduction post of our BMW F10 M5 conversion, you'll know what this post is all about. If you haven't read that post yet, check it out here. Then when you're done, read on and feast your eyes on one of the most comprehensive full body conversion kits we have to offer. As mentioned in the previous blog, this kit will fit 2011-2016 F10 BMW 5 series with no modifications at all. Fitment of our PhaseOne kits is perfect and the quality is phenomenal. I know it's been a while since we talked about this kit but I hope it was worth the wait. As a side note, I know a portion of you will watch the video and abruptly dismiss the project as soon as you see the badging, but please keep in mind that everyone's entitled to their own choices and decisions. There's a fine line between your personal opinion and slandering another person publicly. Let's respect one another and enjoy this hobby that we all share. I'm assuming do you share the same enthusiasm as the rest of us since you are reading this post. If you are not into cars at all, you may still be able to enjoy this short video. Who knows, maybe it will spark your own interested afterwards! Thanks for watching! Please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel to help us out! As always, when you are ready to order, please contact us or visit our shop to browse our other products. [ux_video url=""]
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