With an already aggressive stance, the BMW 4 series is truly something special. Add to it an M sport style body kit at a fraction of the cost, and the result is as you see here. Special thanks goes to an amazing customer who lives all the way in Canada, purchased one of our PhaseOne F32 body kits, and was generous enough to share some of their completed photos with us. Included below are just a few pictures of the completed conversion that we'd like to share with our readers. The graphite color and the polished rims really make the car stand out. As a personal preference, that ride height looks absolutely perfect! Quality construction, without compromise, that is the PRO way! Keep in mind, this customer used a very experienced shop to do the installation, and we can't stress enough how important that is. It can make the difference between a phenomenal result (as you see here), or an eruption of anger and finger pointing (lose-lose situation). [ux_gallery ids="2261,2267,2268" type="slider-full"] We hope this post can help you with your shopping experience and decision making. We stand behind all our products and we are here to serve you as our #1 priority.

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