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Alright, we're here today to help walk you through a F30 BMW carbon fiber spoiler install.

We also want to introduce a great resource for you to refer to if you ever need to install other aerodynamic upgrades such as front lips, rear diffusers, bumpers, mirror caps; performance upgrades such as exhausts and down pipes; electronic system upgrades such as gauge retrofits, engine tunes, lighting, and audio.

This resource is our new parent company Kies Motorsports (SURPRISE!), which some of you may already be intimately familiar with.

For those who aren't, check them out!

Your mind will be blown by the amount of information they provide so that you can take some of these projects into your own hands.

You can read more about them by going to their website or you can check out their YouTube channel as well.

Anyway, onto the trunk spoiler install.

We will highlight the general steps, feel free to follow along by watching the DIY video below:

  1. Ensure the trunk area where the spoiler will be mounted is clean and dry.
  2. Use double sided tape to generously line the bottom of the spoiler (you don't want this coming off).
  3. Test fit the spoiler on the trunk and use the masking tape method (details in the video) to mark the exact location of where the spoiler sits.
  4. Peel off the other side of the double sided tape and carefully push the spoiler down to the proper location.

We hope you found this video enjoyable and informative.

As a retailer of goods and products, we always want the best for our customers.

When Kies acquired PRO Auto Motion, we couldn't be more thrilled be part of a company that also shared the same values that we do, who also has the heart to serve the community and to properly earn your business, not simply expect it.

Now, together, we can not only provide the hardware/software, we can also provide guidance should you run into any issues with your products. That's what I call well-rounded service!

Here are some finished pictures of the gorgeous Estoril Blue F30 BMW 335i with the PhaseCarbon carbon fiber trunk spoiler installed:

If you still haven't subscribed to their YouTube channel yet, what are you waiting for?

Do you want to see more DIY videos?

Ok fine, here you go, here's a bunch more F30 installs since that is what you came here for right?

Seen enough? Ready to upgrade your F30 BMW 3 series with one of these beautiful carbon fiber trunk spoilers?

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