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F10 Surprise Teaser

Warning, this post contains a teaser! At least that's how I feel, because I haven't cracked open the box yet. Since you are all such avid followers of our progress, I'm sure you remember back in April when our first real shipment came in with a bunch of boxes stacked in a box truck right? Of course you do who can forget that? You were all itching to see what's inside right? The first reveal we did was the BMW F30 MSport style body kit, and we offered a sponsorship opportunity to a lucky individual from Northern California to get his car upgraded at a unbelievable price. Our partner shop - Westminster Collision Works - did an amazing job and we gained our first happy client. Now it's time to move on to bigger things...bigger and badder things... It is not another MSport style kit that's for sure, because we already revealed that kit but I can promise you that it will be something different that what you can already find here in the US market. Got an F10 BMW 528i, 535i, 550i and looking to supercharge the looks of your ride? Stay tuned!
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