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F30 M Sport Kit Arrives

--- Update 2016, August 1st: The sponsorship opportunity has ended. Thank you for all your support --- After a few hours under the sun and a newly founded farmer's tan, we have taken inventory and are getting ready for the next release. It was hard work and lots of blood and sweat to move everything off that super-duty palette into our storage warehouse. Then we had to make sure all parts of the kits are present and accounted for so we don't run into any unexpected incidents during the installation. Up first is our BMW F30 M Sport kits with optional M Performance front lip and rear diffuser. This kit is for the 2012+ BMW 3-series vehicles (320i, 328i, and 335i) and comes with options of PDC holes, and/or side-view-camera holes. With this kit you can also opt to have the M Performance front lip, or replace your rear diffuser with the M Performance diffuser. In the gallery below, you will see the M Performance front lip as well as the M Performance rear diffuser attached. We are currently looking for a lucky person to test fit our kit. Seeing how well the F10 kit on our mule, I have absolute faith that this kit will fit your F30 like a glove! If you were remotely thinking about giving your F30 an upgraded look, now's the time! We will provide this introductory kit to you at a special price with special conditions which we can discuss offline. Interested parties please leave your comments below or contact us directly at 949-436-6869!
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