Sponsorships and Dealer Info?

Does Kies Motorsports Provide Sponsorships?

As you may guess, we get tons of sponsorship requests, especially with how fast the automotive community is growing. We started with very humble beginnings and worked our way up from the ground up, so we’ve been in your shoes and we appreciate your ambition!

Although we would love to offer sponsorships and special promo deals to everyone who asks, it’s just not possible. Therefore, we put together some guidelines of what it takes to be considered for the Kies Motorsports Influencer Program. Please read the below guidelines and if you feel like you would be a fit, please submit an application. Please note, all sponsorships are unique, rare, and all decisions are made on a case by case basis. IF you are selected, you will receive a follow up email with details. If you don’t receive a follow up email with additional detail, it means the application wasn’t accepted or didn’t meet the qualifications.

We encourage you to read this entire page carefully before you reach out to us for sponsorship inquiries to ensure that your request is not automatically removed by the system.

Kies Motorsports Influencer Tips and Requirements
  • To be considered for the Kies Motorsports Influencer Program, we’re looking for YouTube channels that have a minimum of 10,000 Subscribers.
  • If your following is on Instagram, we’re looking for a minimum following of 15,000.
  • We’re looking for partners who share similar values as us and it’s a huge plus if your content is family friendly.
  • We’re also looking for genuine people with ambition to grow.
Kies Motorsports Influencer Program Tips
  • Do make sure that you have the right following and please don’t misrepresent yourself in any way. If we discover that there is any form of deception, you’ll be immediately disqualified.
  • Do know that it takes some time, due to the sheer volume of requests, to get through request forms. If you don’t hear back, criteria was not met or the application for sponsorship simply may not have been approved.
  • Don't take it personally if you don’t receive a sponsorship from Kies Motorsports. It’s a difficult process and we receive a lot of requests. Instead, we’d encourage you to wait 4-6 months and try again!
  • Don't just ask for free merchandise. Show us where you bring value and why you’d be a good partner to Kies.

Please enter your detailed information into the description box below so we can learn about who you are, what you are looking to achieve, how are you planning to achieve your desired goal, and how Kies Motorsports may help you in your endeavor.