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For the NBT EVO kit, you'll receive:
NBT Evo head unit with ID5/ID6 software (Your Choice)
  • High Definition 8.8" screen
  • All other parts required to perform this retrofit based on your car specification
  • Full retrofit coding
  • Full FSC retrofit activation including Navigation, Voice Control, BMW Apps and Apple CarPlay
  • Custom Wire Harness
  • Latest maps for your region
  • Bluetooth
  • DVD/Video-in-motion activation
The head unit and iDrive touch controller are refurbished. All of the other parts in the kit are brand new. The reason for this is because these components are extremely expensive brand new and would significantly raise the price of the kits. These kits are built to your cars spec, per your vin number. 
Let’s answer a very popular question. What will you lose? By doing this retrofit, you’d lose:
  • HD Radio
  • Sirius
  • BMW Assist
After the retrofit, you will also be unable to have the dealer perform standard updates, however, these updates are rare, especially once the car is out of warranty.