Bimmertech SmartView HD Apple TV4 - iPhone Screen Mirroring
Bimmertech SmartView HD Apple TV4 - iPhone Screen Mirroring
Bimmertech SmartView HD Apple TV4 - iPhone Screen Mirroring
Bimmertech SmartView HD Apple TV4 - iPhone Screen Mirroring
Bimmertech SmartView HD Apple TV4 - iPhone Screen Mirroring
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Bimmertech SmartView HD Apple TV4 - iPhone Screen Mirroring



  • Lets you mirror your iPhone screen onto the native iDrive display
  • Has an inbuilt Apple TV4 with its own App Store which gives the possibility to use apps without connecting your phone 
  • Allows streaming videos from your iPhone onto the car screen 
  • Provides audio streaming through your BMW's AUX port
  • Wirelessly connects any iOS device to the BMW iDrive system
  • Has an HDMI input which provides high quality of the image

If you’re dreaming of screen sharing your iPhone or iPad apps on your native BMW display, you can say that BimmerTech makes wishes come true.

SmartView HD Apple TV4 uses screen mirroring over WiFi — a technology that lets you cast the screen of your mobile device onto the BMW’s display, and stream audio through the car speakers. It means that our screen mirroring device makes it possible to:

  • Let your passengers enjoy photos and videos on a high-resolution screen 
  • Gain access to popular navigation apps, like Waze, Google Maps and Apple Maps
  • Browse the internet or check emails while parked
  • Listen to Spotify, Tidal or other music apps through your BMW’s stereo

What’s more, the 4th generation Apple TV, inbuilt into this SmartView device, has its own App Store with thousands of apps and games. Thus, you'll be able to run entertainment applications like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix and Minecraft straight from the Apple TV in-car system without using your phone. You can check the full list of supported apps for your country here.

Unlike previous generations, Apple TV4 also comes with the Siri virtual assistant. Now instead of typing in the search bar you can tell Siri what you want and confirm your request. How cool is that?

SmartView ATV4 screen mirroring device is created for iOS users who expect the most from their BMW “teaming up” with an iPhone. It is more versatile, faster and more advanced than Apple TV3. A dual A8 core processor and an improved remote control with a glass trackpad will give you the very best experience when mirroring your iPhone, iPad or any other Apple device that supports the Wireless AirPlay protocol.

Please note that mirroring of some apps or content through the media streaming box may be blocked due to the copyright-holder's DRM. BimmerTech is not responsible for the continued compatibility of any third-party apps with screen sharing software. Please confirm the app or content you wish to use can be streamed over AirPlay .

Compatible with:
BMW 1 Series: 5-door Hatchback F20 (2010-2018), 3 - door Hatchback F21(2010 - 2018), Sedan F52 (2015-2018); BMW 2 Series: Active Tourer F45 (2013-2018), Convertible F23 (2014-2018), Coupe F22 (2012-2018), Coupe M2 F87 (2014-2018), Grand Tourer F46 (2014-2018); BMW 3 Series: Gran Turismo F34(2012 - 2018), Sedan F30(2011 - 2018), Sedan F35(2011 - 2018), Sedan M3 F80(2012 - 2018), Touring F31(2011 - 2018); BMW 4 Series: Convertible F33(2013 - 2017), Coupé F32 (2012-2018), Gran Coupé F36 (2013-2018), M4 Convertible F83 (2013-2018), M4 Coupé F82 (2013-2018); BMW 5 Series: Sedan G30 (2015-2018), Touring G31 (2016-2018); BMW 6 Series: Gran Turismo G32 (2016-2018), Gran Turismo G32 (2017-2020); BMW 7 Series: Long Sedan G12 (2014-2018), Sedan G11 (2014-2018), Sedan G12 (2015-2020); BMW I3 Series: I01 (2013-2018); BMW X1 Series: Crossover F48 (2014-2018); BMW X2 Series: SUV F39 (2016-2018); BMW X3 Series: SUV F25 (2009-2017), SUV G01 (2016-2018); BMW X4 Series: Crossover F26 (2013-2018), SUV G02 (2019-2020),
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