Enhance your iDrive with VividScreen, a replacement for the factory iDrive display boasting twice the screen resolution and improved contrast for a clear, crisp viewing experience.

VividScreen has the same design as the OEM display, to maintain the factory look of your interior, and has complete compatibility with your existing iDrive system. With an 8.8” 1280x480 display and our new Multimedia Interface, VividScreen means you can continue to enjoy all the latest innovations in automobile technology.

In addition to improving the factory iDrive experience, VividScreen can be extended with our full range of premium upgrades, including our park assist cameras with dynamic parking lines—which move as you turn the steering wheel so you always know where you're headed—and smartphone screen mirroring with our SmartView HD (for iOS, featuring Apple TV) and SmartView HD Flex (for iOS and Android).

NOTE: NOT COMPATIBLE with the BimmerTech Carplay MMI Prime.

Contact us at info@kiesmotorsports.com to find out if your vehicle is compatible and able to be coded or not.

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