IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have a verification process in place to confirm that we can unlock your DME before you ship this to us. Please go through this process BEFORE removing your DME for shipping as we will not unlock any DMEs without going through this process first. DME production dates must be before 6/2020 to be unlocked.

NOTE: The V8 motors (ie N63 or S63) use 2 DMEs and you would need to send both in for a successful unlock. If you only send in one DME of your two, your unlock will show successful on our end but it would not fully work because you would still have one locked DME. 

As many of you are aware, BMW (and Toyota, for the Supra owners) has started adding additional software to the cars, that prevent flash tuning by OBD2. With this service, you now have the ability to mail your DME into Kies Motorsports for a Bench Unlock, to use any tuning platform.

After purchasing, you will receive instructions on where to send your DME into for service. Once received, the DME will be bench unlocked and re-shipped within one business day. Kies will cover the cost of return shipping and it will be sent out with overnight shipping. This service is for 1 bench unlock and does not include a Bootmod3 license. If you need a BM3 license, please click here:

Please note, Kies Motorsports is not responsible for DMEs that are received dead on arrival or damaged in shipping. The customer is responsible for shipping to Kies and the cost covers return shipping and insurance. Additionally, please keep in mind that if a dealer does a software update to the car, it's possible for them to re-lock the DME (both in-person and remotely), which would require the DME to need to be unlocked again. This service is for 1 bench unlock. If a dealer re-locks the DME, an additional DME unlock service would need to be purchased. Furthermore, this cost does NOT include labor for Kies Motorsports to remove or reinstall a DME, as this is a 100% mail-in procedure and we do not offer that service. 


Keep in mind that we are also not open over the weekends so if it is delivered to us after hours on Friday or at any point during the weekend, this will not be unlocked and shipped back out until the following Monday. 

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