NOTE: Due to a national shortage on OEM BMW products, some products may have a 60+ day wait time. Please do not order if there is an immediate need for this product. You may contact us for more information at 

If the accessory belt is loose in your vehicle, and without the proper tension your generator, and AC might not work properly. Alternatively, if your belt snaps constantly, the tensioner could be too tight.

With either problem, the only solution is a new tensioner. This Genuine BMW Tensioner Kit is a factory direct replacement for an original, worn out unit. It applies the proper amount of tension to the belt to keep it tight against all of the accessory pulleys.

Kit includes:

- Tensioner With Replacement Bolt

- Accessory Belt


This kit is compatible with the N20/N26 powered F10, F22, F23, F25, F30, F32, F33, F34, and F36

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