About the KIES CARBON F30 / F32 M Style Forged Carbon Composite Fiber Mirror Covers:

These Kies Carbon OEM style carbon fiber mirror cover replacements are direct plug-and-play for the stock mirror covers on any model F30 BMW 3 series or F32 BMW 3 series, with or without M sport package.

Note: Forged Carbon is a very unique style where no two pieces look exactly alike. The pictures shown are a representation of what the product looks like, however, the actual product may slightly differ.

Forged Carbon Composites:

Forged carbon fiber is a new way of using carbon fiber. Traditionally carbon fiber refers threads of carbon woven into fabric in a 1x1 or 2x2 weave pattern (there are other patterns as well) but thanks to Lamborghini (See the Sesto Elemento) and Callaway (yes, even golf clubs) developed this new forged carbon composite method. Rather than layering sheets of resin-impregnated carbon fiber on a mold, forged carbon uses a molten mixture of fibers and resin which can be shaped (using various methods) into any desired product. Since the fibers aren't oriented in any particular direction, the finished part is still strong and light, just like traditional carbon fiber, but with an extremely exotic and unique look.

... More about the mirror covers:

If you are looking to give your car a subtle change, or maybe you're looking to complete the carbon fiber look all around, this is a great starting point!

Easy to install with phenomenal fitment, this little upgrade will turn out perfect every time.

These are the replacement clip-on type, and will require the removal of the original mirror cover, which will allow these carbon fiber ones to clip back into the original mounting points.

Actual Customer Photos:

silver f30 forged carbon oem mirror cap replacement

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