2012-2018 BMW F30 3 Series M Sport Style Rear Bumper Conversion


  • $545.00
  • Save $50

PhaseOne F30 M Sport style rear bumper for your BMW 3 series. This will fit the F30 generation 320i, 328i / 330i, 335i / 340i as well as the xi and diesel variations. The m sport rear bumper adds a super aggressive look to your 3 series, whether you have the Sport, Luxury or Modern line. Yes, it even fits the LCI face-lifted F30 BMW 3 series as well (2016-2018 model year), rejoice! Parking distance controller (PDC) sensor holes:
  • Pre-drilled
  • No parking sensors
  • 320i style diffuser (single side exhaust)
  • 328i style diffusor (single side double exhaust)
  • 335i style diffusor (dual side exhaust)
  • M3 style diffuser (quad exhaust)
NOTE: This F30 M Sport style rear bumper NOT come with the M Performance rear diffuser and only comes with the standard rear diffuser (the standard rear diffuser does not have the aerodynamic fins at the bottom between the exhausts). f30 m performance vs m sport [block id = "phaseone"]