2012-2018 BMW F30 3 Series M3 Style Kidney Grills


  • $155.00
  • Save $40

The PhaseOne M3 style kidney grills for the F30 BMW 3 series sedans are the perfect mod to streamline the look of your 3 series, especially if you're not a fan of the stock chrome frame.

These M3 style kidney grills will add a whole new dimension to the iconic look.

They are a 100% plug-and-play replacement of the stock kidney grills and will fit any model F30 BMW 3 series (328i, 335i, 330i, 340i and other variations).

These kidney grills are designed after the F80 M3 super sedan. The shape and contour model after the M counterparts but the M badging is removed for a cleaner, more sleek look.

These grills are sure to add that iconic finishing touch to complete any look.

Actual Customer Photos: