*If there is any damage to this product, Kies Motorsports must be notified within 48 hours of delivery.*

KIES MOTORSPORTS M-sport style rear bumper for your 2014+ F32/F33 BMW 4 series coupe or convertible. If you didn't get the M Sport package off the lot, or maybe you got a great deal on a used F32 4 series with the base bumper then we have the solution for you to consider.

The M Sport rear bumper adds that extra umph to the exterior of your 418i / 420i, 428i / 430i, or 435i /440i (and xi) modern, sport, or luxury line vehicles that should have been there from the get-go.

Disclaimer: This bumper is NOT designed to fit the F36 Gran Coupe, however customers have been able to successfully install it on their GCs (fitment is acceptable but not picture perfect). If you have a Gran Coupe, please perform this retrofit at your own discretion. Kies Motorsports will not be responsible for any improperly installed bumpers.

Ours bumpers are made of the highest quality polypropylene for incredible durability, as well as great flexibility. Unlike fiberglass or other cheaper polymer alternatives, polypropylene does not crack easily under stress.

These conversions are also comprehensive, great fitting, and a fraction of the cost compared to OEM. With our bumper kits, you never had to worry about missing parts or incomplete conversions and with the combination of a proper paint job and installation, a picture perfect result is guaranteed.

Note: Please make sure you specify your vehicle options as the following are available depending on what your vehicle is equipped with.

Bumper Options:

  • With or without parking distance controller (PDC) holes

Diffuser Options:

  • 418i / 420i style (single side, single exhaust outlet)
  • 428i / 430i style (single side, double exhaust outlet)
  • 435i / 440i style (dual side, single exhaust outlet)

If you are ever unsure, please contact us and take a picture of your vehicle and we can help you figure out the details. Our goal is to make sure you make an educated purchase and are ultimately happy with the end result. We pride ourselves on service over profit, satisfaction over transaction. We look forward to serving your needs.

Actual Customer Photos:

black f32 m sport rear bumper conversion with m performance diffuser

white f32 m sport style rear bumper

black f36 m sport style rear bumper 01

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