This is the Kies Carbon M3 / M4 GTS style carbon fiber front lip and it fits beautifully onto the F80 generation M3 super sedan as well as the F82 generation M4 super coupes.

This front lip not only looks amazing, it's also aerodynamically designed. It is quite simply the pinnacle of all the carbon fiber front lips for the F8X generation M3 or M4.

This front lip is a 2 piece adjustable design, where you can determine how aggressive you want to be with how far out the lower piece protrudes. Tuck it in more for a subtle, sleeper look; or max it all the way our for the most aggressive stance possible.

On the actual GTS M car, the lower lip is painted, and you can absolutely decide to the do the same if you wish, or just leave it in all it's raw carbon glory. Who's to judge?

For anyone looking to upgrade their stock M3 or M4 with an aggressive yet functional, sturdy yet light weight carbon fiber front lip, look no further than our Kies Carbon GTS style carbon fiber front lip, here at Kies Motorsports.

Sample Pics:

grey f82 m4 gts style front lip installed painted orange

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