*If there is any damage to this product, Kies Motorsports must be notified within 48 hours of delivery.*

The Kies Motorsports double slatted kidney grills for the LCI E90 BMW 3 series sedans are the perfect mod to streamline the look of your 3 series, especially if you're not a fan of the stock chrome frame.

These style kidney grills will add a whole new dimension to the iconic look.

They are a 100% plug-and-play replacement of the stock kidney grills and will fit any LCI model E90 BMW 3 series. They come in a super brilliant gloss black finish, and will only fit the LCI model E90 sedans. The facelift applies to 2008+ E90 3 series and if you are unsure, please use the following image as reference:

e90 lci vs pre-lci front comparison

These kidney grills have a dual slatted design similar to the F80 M3 super sedan. Even the OEM E90 M3 does not have these double slats, so this will be extra special for all E90 owners.

These grills are sure to add that iconic finishing touch to complete any look.

DIY Instructions:

Actual Customer Photos:

Kies Motorsports e90 lci kidney grill double slatted m style
Comparison of standard kidney grill (left) vs Kies Motorsports double slatted (right)


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