BMW M240i xDrive G42 Cat-Back Exhaust System

We offer a cat-back exhaust system with 2 exhaust valves for the new BMW 2 series M240i xDrive Coupe G42 with a sound that has to be experienced.

Development process completed! We are already taking pre-orders. Get in touch now. Note: car in the video is a EU version and has OPF Filters after the catalytic converter installed. These filters reduce sound! US models or none EU models usually don’t comes with these extra gasoline engine filters and the sound will become louder.

The dAHLer performance exhaust system for the new BMW M240i xDrive G42 includes a high-flow, valve controlled, stainless-steel performance muffler, and is available as a cat-back system.

Our dAHLer cat-back systems with 2 exhaust valves is handcrafted from high quality 1.4301 stainless steel and are Made in Germany by a team of specialists at an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility and comes with 4  outlets 101 mm / 4 inches each.

No check engine lights, no re-programming of your car or anything silly is required after installation. The dAHLer exhaust system for the new BMW M240i xDrive 2 series Coupe is compatible with left and right hand drive models as well as cars with and without OPF.

Approved  and tested by the German TUV this system comes with a European Homologation according to the latest emission standards and is EPA compliant (USA).

Rolling legit with a high-class exhaust system with an awesome sound makes the difference to our competitors.

The dAHLer performance exhaust system for the 2022 BMW M240i xDrive 2 series Coupe G42 comes with a high-performance muffler and double exhaust valve system with no drone on the highway of a much more aggressive sound then the stock muffler but still be perfectly livable for daily driving.

Not only do we engineer our valve-controlled performance mufflers to sound good we engineer the performance exhaust systems that fit your new BMW M240i xDrive 2 series Coupe properly for a much easier installation.

Designed to mount using the factory BMW M240i xDrive exhaust hangers, the dAHLer performance exhaust system is a bolt-on replacement for the OEM version. To help reduce the time you spend installing the dAHLer performance exhaust system on your new BMW M240i xDrive, slip-fit joints are included to make fitment as easy as possible. Our exhaust tips are designed to fit the stock BMW M diffuser.

The dAHLer exhaust system for the new 2 series BMW M240i xDrive G42 is here to improve your driving experience with an awesome sound and a noticeable bump in performance.

Under normal driving conditions, our valve-controlled performance muffler stays closed, and the sound is quite unassuming. But, when you open up the throttle, the valve-controlled system opens up the valves, and our exhaust system gives your 2022 BMW M240i xDrive G42 a powerful menacing growl.

For those who want to be fully in command of the sound at any time and get the race car like feeling, dAHLer offers an exhaust flap remote-controlled device.

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