NOTE: The Boost Pipe (J Pipe) only comes in matte black, no matter what color selection is chosen. 

Bundle up and save with this FTP charge pipe & boost pipe combo! Brought to you by Kies Motorsports, where we strive to bring you quality goods without compromise and without breaking the bank.

As you may know, your factory plastic charge pipe blowing off or ripping apart under high boost can system failure and damage engine integrity.  It is one of the weakest points in the S55 powerhouse. Although sufficient for stock boost pressures (we are confidence that BMW engineers knew what they were doing) once tuners crank up the boost, these two components should be one of the very first things you should consider modifying.

Even if you don't plan to turn up the boost, we would still encourage you to upgrade your flimsy OEM unit to FTP's aluminum replacement for increased durability and longevity of your engine. Give your M3 / M4 the treatment she deserves to get long lasting performance year over year.


- Resists bending or denting
- Increase throttle response and decrease turbo lag
- Lightweight high grade 6061 aluminum piping
- Various colored boost pipes

What Are These Components?


What's New In V2?

- Charge pipe is now one-piece, and is no longer 2 pieces welded together for improved airflow.
- The air path has been shortened by 20% compared to the previous version.

ftp m3 m4 charge pipe v1 v2 differences

FTP kits are very comprehensive, including gaskets, o-rings, seals, and c-clips. This makes your buying experience completely hassle-free as you wouldn't have to worry about purchasing additional parts during installation.

ftp m3 m4 charge pipe boost pipe hardware

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