This charge pipe & boost pipe kit aids to improve air flow over stock while also helping to improve reliability as well.

From the factory, BMW engineers designed the charge pipe out of plastic to reduce weight and manufacturing costs. While this is great for the stock engine, it quickly becomes the weakest link when tuners start to turn up the boost with aftermarket upgrades. 

This critical upgrade will not only allow the engine to hold more boost, but they will outlast the stock setup since these are made from aluminum. Aluminum also doesn't deform or flex very easily, which ultimately translates to increased reliability and longevity. 

One more feature to note is the 1/8"NPT fitting in the throttle body pipe. This can be used as the perfect point for a methanol injector or port injection nozzle. Comes with a threaded plug to seal the port until it is needed.

  • Increased Caliber and Flow
  • Direct OEM Replacement
  • 3-Ply Silicone Couplers
  • 1/8" Bung for water injection
  • Smooth Electroplating (color options)
  • Never worry about the plastic charge pipe or boost pipe blowing up again
Comes with O-Ring and C-Clips:

ftp n20 boost pipe charge pipe oring cclip

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