NOTE: Due to a national shortage on OEM BMW products, some products may have a 60+ day wait time. Please do not order if there is an immediate need for this product. You may contact us for more information at

Introducing, the ultimate steering wheel for the BMW F80 M3 and F82 M4, the Genuine BMW M Performance Race Display Steering wheel, complete with BMW M Performance Gloss Carbon Fiber Trim AND retrofit wiring!

This kit is the total package and includes the wheel, carbon trim, and the retrofit wiring. Please note, you will need to transfer over your existing airbag, backplate, screws and wheel electronics from your old wheel to this one.

The BMW Display wheel is an incredible work of art. Not only does the Alcantara give you that ultimate feeling of control, but the display screen helps you stay completely in tune with the car by displaying shift lights, oil temp, water temp, RPM, lap time stopwatch, sector times, maximum speed, lateral and longitudinal G Loads, and more!

Kies DIY install YouTube video of the M perfromance steering wheel

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