BMW N55 (EWG/PWG) Custom Tuning:

  • Pump Fuel - (91ACN, 93 R+M/2 / 98RON), E30 and Full E85 (requires fuel system upgrade)

  • Race Fuel (ex. 100oct, MS109)

  • Stock Fuel System, Port Injection or Upgraded HPFP

  • Stock Turbo or Aftermarket Turbo

  • Upgraded Spark Plugs Recommended (please see Spark Plug section)

  • Requires BM3 (Bootmod3) or MHD (click links to purchase)

  • Includes all revisions needed for your current setup/fuel, and support for 1 year following the purchase date (excluding turbo upgrades, fueling changes and/or any other modification that requires a re-tune).

    SETTINGS in any way, shape or form. We will NOT suppress your CEL(Check
    Engine Light) if the car is missing any emissions related devices. Under NO
    circumstances do we ourselves alter the calibration file to delete/defeat
    emissions devices nor do we force system readiness if the car is missing
    any emissions related devices or hardware. Under NO circumstances do we
    ourselves alter the calibration file to delete/defeat emissions devices or
    hardware. All emissions tuning and readiness checks remain in place and are
    100% OEM as it came from the factory. Again, this file is for OFF-ROAD /
    LEGAL RACING / COMPETITION purposes ONLY and you assure JordanTuned, LLC
    that this vehicle in NOT a road-going vehicle.*

    Considering this recent enforcement initiative, we have made some changes
    to our previous policies. We have decided to take a much harder stance
    against clients using non-compliant/emissions altering hardware such as
    non-OEM downpipes/catalytic converter deletes. Please see below regarding
    our new policies for US Market.

    · *US MARKET CUSTOMERS: Pursuant to the Clean Air Act 1970 - In the
    US Market, deleting emissions control devices are ILLEGAL and will not be
    tolerated. Our services do NOT require the use of aftermarket
    downpipes/catalytic converter deletes. We will not offer our products for
    sale to anybody that we know has deleted an emissions control device, such
    as a catalytic converter. If we learn that this has been done after
    purchase in the US market, we will TERMINATE support offered to you and

    Please see our FAQ for answers to most common questions regarding custom tuning and E85 conversions as well as other helpful info.

NOTE: By purchasing this custom tune, you agree to our Terms & Conditions / Vehicle Compliance Waiver and will also be required to sign via email as well.

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