Introducing, the all new Kies Motorsports M Sport Paddle Shifter Retrofit kit for the F3X BMW! As many of you know, all F3x cars have the ability to add paddle shifter functionality, but many do not come with them from the factory. With this paddle shifter retrofit kit, we include all the main elements of adding this functionality to your car! Please note, this kit is specific to cars that come with the M Sport steering wheel from BMW. If you don’t have one, we have new ones available or you can purchase them second hand online at online stores, such as eBay:

Included in the kit is:

1 BMW OEM Paddle Shifter Harness (Works with Heated and Standard Wheels)

1 BMW OEM Signal Cable with BMW Pins (Runs from FEM to behind the wheel to carry the paddle shifter signal)

1 BMW OEM M Sport F3x Back Plate with Paddle Shifter Cutouts

1 Set of F80 Style Paddle Shifters with Electronics

DIY Instructions:

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