With the all-new Kies WiFi Enet Adapter, you can now use your favorite apps, wirelessly, from one convenient dongle! 
- Fast and Easy to use! 
- Wireless Coding / Flashing for F and G Series BMW/Mini Cooper and the A90/A91 Supra
- Built-in Ethernet connection for hardwire connections (Ethernet cable not included)
- Wireless data logging
- Wireless exhaust flap control with BM3
Compatible Apps (ALL SOLD SEPARATELY):
- BootMod3
- BimmerCode  (Will not work if you are on a beta version of iOS)
- BimmerLink
- xDelete
- THOR the M Flasher
- ProTool
- xHP Flashtool for F Series BMW (NOT be compatible with G Series BMW and A90 Supra)
- Many other apps
Please note, some phones do NOT give you the ability to utilize full functionality of the Kies Wifi Adapter and are forced to offline mode only. iPhones do not have this issue, but select Android devices may be this way. For example, if you have a Google Pixel phone, you will have limitations, due to the phone’s software. 

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