Please note, MST Performance Intakes/Inlets are NOT CARB COMPLIANT and are for off road and racing use only. By purchasing an MST Performance intake, you understand that these may only be used for off road and racing use only for unregistered vehicles. Please check with your local, state, and federal laws to see if these products are legal for use in your area. By purchasing an MST Performance product, you understand and agree to these terms and accept all liability. 
New MST 2021 Toyota Supra A90/A91 V2 Intake System

We've released a V2 for the Supra Intake which has better performance. 
For the V2, we've added a turbo inlet which has a 3.5 inch diameter. 
Also to mention, the crazy sound it makes. 
The V2 brings improved throttle response & even better performance.

Features :
*Delivers cold air to your turbocharger
*4" intake pipe
*4" air filter
*Improved throttle response
*More aggressive and sporty induction sound
*Black powder coated inlet pipe and heat shield
*Easy to maintain DRY cone air filter
*Dyno result: Max gains 12-14hp

Toyota Supra A90 A91
BMW Z4 (B58 3.0l turbo)

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