IMPORTANT: All items are built to order. Please allow up to 4 weeks for build and shipment. 

Introducing RK Titanium, made-to-order front mount intake system for the F8X M3/M4 (v2)!! RK Titanium, a company with 10 years of experience in the automotive industry aims to provide amazing products utilizing premium CP grade titanium tubing, full tig-welded sections, and back-purging processes that not only perform well, and looks phenomenal as well.


Full 3” tubing throughout the whole system. No neck-downs or restrictions.

Designed and developed to fit and clear the CSF Radiators large core from mount heat exchanger.

CNC Titanium MAF flanges placed in OEM locations to keep the ECU happy.

GreenFilter USA dual-cone air filters clocked at an angle to utilize the front and side cones to create a ram-air effect.

Simple installation all through the front kidney grills and engine bay in under an hour!

NOTE: Cutting and removing of the OEM ducting inside the kidney grills as with all front mount kits is required

IMPORTANT: All items are built to order. Please allow up to 4 weeks for build and shipment. 

Coloring Variants:

1. Raw Titanium straight off the welding torch


2. Polished Titanium Piping

3. Anodized Bends/Pies with polished straight sections

4. Anodized Straight Sections with polished bends/pies

5. Zebra Striping Option 1


6. Zebra Striping Option 2 
**Must be a welded product for this finish.**

7. Unpolished Colored  
Disclaimer: Since this is not polished, there will be surface scratches on the material, and results will vary. We also cannot guarantee 100% accurate coloring, but you are welcome to choose a main color or two that we can focus on.

8. Sunburst
Gold and Blue Zebra with Color Burst
**Must be a welded product.**

9. Midnight
Dark Zebra with Dark Overlay
**Must be a welded product for this finish.**

10. Frostbite
Solid light blue with midnight style welds

11. Meteorite
Mix of several variants, triple colored. Bright blues, subtle green, deep blue, hint of purple, and double gold in the middle

12. “Surprise Me!”
Not sure…. We’ll choose for you!

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