Sliplo UNIVERSAL Skid Plate Kit
Features & Benefits
  • 10 year failure free warranty
  • One size fits all designed to fit any bumper
  • Drill-free application – simply stick and go
  • EZ Glide reduces contact surface area by over 50%
  • Easily removable and without damage to OEM paint
  • Includes super strength 3M double sided adhesive
  • Each pieces measures: 1/4″(6.35 mm) x 12″(304.8 mm) x 1.5″(38.1 mm)
  • Made from same high performance Polyurethane material used by Snowplows


Trusted To Protect The Best!

Used By The Most Exclusive Hyper Cars In The World


Protect Your Bumper In Less Then 1 Hour

Improve gliding by 40% while reducing friction

Step 1: Remove super strength 3M double sided adhesive backing

Step 2: Adhere SLiPLO onto your bumper

Step 3: Drive with confidence knowing your car is protected

How Many Kits Do I Need?

Each DIY kit comes with one (1) strip of eight (8) protective pieces.

1 kit is sufficient for basic protection for your front bumper or exotic carbon fiber front lip.
2 kits are recommended for maximum curb protection for your front bumper / front lip.
Add 2 more kits to protect your left and right side skirt (rocker panels) for a total of 4 kits for the ultimate protection on any car, and also the best bang for the buck.

DIY Instructions:

Actual Customer Photos:

black bmw m6 with sliplo
SLIPLO Installed on BMW M6 with our PhaseCarbon VSX Carbon Fiber Front Lip


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