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F30 Sponsorship Update

412.6 miles, a 6+ hours drive from 65 degree cool weather from Northern California into Southern California's 100+ degree abnormally hot sauna, is a story about a young man who wanted something more for his new BMW 335i (F30 chassis) to go along with that throaty exhaust note from the Twin-Scroll turbo charged 6 cylinder engine. Even though we spoke to many folks local to Orange County, no one could match the enthusiasm, and determination of our new-found friend, Matt. If you have been following our posts, we offered a partial sponsorship on our newly imported F30 kits earlier in April and we've communicated with many potentially interested parties. After sifting through the kick-the-tires crowd, we narrowed our choices down to two eager Beemer enthusiasts. Admiring Matt's strong sense of adventure, and his willingness to help us in our growing process, we offered the sponsorship to him, took a deposit, and began planning the process to make this man go home with something to be excited about. We know he's going to wake up every day, look at his car, and fall in love with it all over again. Being a 335i owner myself in the past, I know the thrill of driving this vehicle. Having the aesthetics to go along with it just made me that much more excited about being in it. I didn't mind the traffic jams on the 405 freeway, or the stop and go petrol wasting during rush-hour Santa Ana (people in Irvine won't understand). I wanted to be in my car, and it felt good to drive it! I hope Matt will feel the same way (maybe not that extreme). Anyway, thanks to Westminster Collision Works, Matt's car is well on its way for its makeover! We can't wait to see the result. Matt, we hope you get a nice detail job after you go back up north. Those dead passengers sticking to your front bumper shouldn't take permanent residency on your prime real estate! :) Matt and his 335i before surgery
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