F30 Sponsorship Update 2

Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! We were expecting high quality and great fitment, but even we are excited about how well this kit fit! Constructed of high quality polypropylene - the same material used to construct OEM parts - this kit is turning out to be a very pleasant surprise!

If you have been following us, we sought to provide a sponsorship opportunity for a lucky local Orange County individual looking to give their car a makeover. When kit first arrived on US soil in late April, it was like Christmas came early! We dove into the over-sized cartons, pulled off the bubble wrap, and laid out the pieces as if it were a puzzle. We scrutinized the details and finishes and were very pleased with what we saw. We knew at that moment, this kit was going to have great promise! After all, we already had experience with another kit (BMW F10 MSport style kit for 5 series) from the same manufacturer so we kind of knew what to expect. Of course, anytime you have to deal with something new, there is always that chance something can go wrong, and that thought always dangled in the back of our minds and haunted us every day...

...Until Matt, from San Francisco, contacted us in response to the sponsorship offering to upgrade his newly purchased 2013 F30 BMW 335i Sport Line sedan. At 1 am on Friday morning (May 16th, 2014), Matt began the drive from Northern California to our partner shop in Westminster California. After his 6 hour drive and some breakfast, the tear down process began.

By mid-day Friday, we had the kit fitted onto the car, unbolted, and unpainted just to see how much work, if any, the body shop needed to do. Without any hassle the kit bolted straight on to the same mounting points of the stock kit, fantastic! This gave us an opportunity to begin filming and photo-documenting the entire process. We do this because we enjoy doing it, and so you can make an informed decision as a consumer when you decided to upgrade your BMW as well.

Take a look for yourself at the exceptional quality and precise fitment of this F30 Msport style kit for your 2012+ BMW 3 series sedan.

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