F30 Sponsorship Update 3

Another update to the sponsorship we offered to our NorCal friend!

If you have not been following up with what this is about, you can catch up here:

Start Update 1 Update 2

Now that you're caught up, welcome to Saturday - day two of the sponsorship project. The kit has been test fitted, and removed again to be primed and painted by our friends over at the body shop.

First, the original primer was sanded off by hand (this primer from the manufacturer typically isn't the best quality and you want good primer for the paint to stick properly) and reprimed with 3 layers of high quality paint primer.

Second, layers upon layers of alpine white paint was carefully sprayed on with great precision to match the stock color of Matt's 335i.

Third, when the paint is dry, three layers of clear coat was stacked on to protect the paint underneath and give the body panels that glossy shine as if it was fresh off the assembly line.

Fourth, the clear coat is smoothed out with a rotary buffer to remove any surface imperfections and the vibrant color of the paint is brought out to its fullest.

I'm sure there are a few steps and details that I'm missing, but all I know is that after another 8 hour day, the panels are finally ready to go on the car! Check out the gallery to see the awesome work our partner shop did!

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