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This project started off pretty standard. M Sport 5 series looking to upgrade to the F10 BMW M5 style front bumper to keep things clean and not over the top. We were pleased to be able to steward this project by providing the bumper conversion kit as well as connections to a local body shop (thank you DTM Autobody) who performed the work and we think things turned out magnificent. The M5 style front bumper fit like a charm, and completely transformed the look of the stock F10. Our customer said he could not stop looking at the front of his car after this conversion was complete and we couldn't agree more. When our customers feel this way, it definitely gives us warm and fuzzy feelings inside and we give ourselves a small pat on the back for another job well done. This definitely isn't to brag, since the body shop was the one doing all the work, but PRO Auto Motion serves to bridge the knowledge and service gap that currently plagues the industry. We want our customers to feel comfortable with their purchase, and we want them to trust our recommendations when it comes to the labor. Our passion is to connect customers with local small businesses so everyone benefits in the end. This way, no customer feels feorced to use one specific body shop, and they are free to price shop around. Of course, our partners are familiar with our products and have done many conversions both to the satisfaction of the customer and us as well so we feel extremely comfortable to recommend these partners. It is definitely a peace of mind. Anyway, back to the conversion: This BMW 550i was stripped, had it's innards transplanted from the old bumper to the new M5 style front bumper (including parking sensors and wiring), got a fresh alpine white paint job before getting mounted back onto the vehicle. Uninstalling the front bumper was a cinch for the professionals at DTM. With their experience, it wasn't too long before that stock front bumper was popped off its anchors and set aside to get ready for the transplant. Smile for the camera: 550i bumper uninstalled 02 You can really appreciate the amount of engineering that is behind one of these cars. The radiators and intercooler are definitely a site to marvel at. Would be kind of cool if BMW made clear plastic bumpers that would showcase the beauty of the insides, similar to how customer computers have the clear side panels to showcase the internal hardware. Some notes regarding the conversion if you are looking to put the M5 style front bumper on your F10 528i, 535i, or 550i sedans: 1) the metal brace at the bottom needs to be replaced (included in the kit) and 2) you may need to remove the black bumper foam in order for the new bumper to anchor up snug to the chassis. Look at all those clips and screws that lock the front bumper in place! If you're trying to do this yourself, make sure you don't lose these things: m5 front bumper installation screws After test fitting the fog light units, making sure the grilles and shrouds fit perfectly, everything was tightened up and screwed in. Fog lights are included in the kit and are plug and play! Make sure you test the fogs before you tighten everything down on the bumper. When the grilles and fog lights are installed, you can transplant the stock kidney grilles onto the new bumper (yes, they fit) or you can pick up an aftermarket set of M5 style double-slatted kidney grilles to go along with the M5 style front bumper. This is what the bumper should look like after all the included hardware and grilles are installed properly: m5 bumper assembled and complete 02 Not all kits are created equal! PRO Auto Motion is confident in the products that we offer, and we're not afraid to showcase every detail. We've attached some closeup photos to show how well the cover plates and sensors fit as well as the fluidity of the lines transitioning from the front bumper to the hood as well as the fenders. [ux_gallery ids="4253,4252,4251,4250,4249" style="shade" type="slider" col_spacing="xsmall" columns="5" animate="fadeInLeft"] Keep in mind the fitment is partially determined by how meticulous the body shop is. No matter how well a part was made to fit, if the person performing the installation does a half-assed job, you will not achieve these kinds of results. It is VERY important that you know what you're doing, or go to a reputable body shop with experience in aftermarket kits. Results like this is why we are so absolutely confident in our products and our partners. Attention to detail is definitely key when it comes to doing a good paint/installation job and DTM Autobody certainly knows their craft. Anyway without further ado, please enjoy the video:
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