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This journey started with a pretty cool looking F30 BMW 3 Series - a 328 diesel actually. 280 ft-lbs of torque and 40 mpg on the highway, these are quite the desirable family sedans. However, this story may very well could have started with a 320i, 328i, 335i, or even any of the face lifted 330i and 340i sedans as well. She came to PRO Auto Motion equipped with a pretty cool frakenstein front bumper - the upper portion of a 3 series m sport bumper plastic welded to a lower portion of a 6 series m sport front bumper. Here's a pic of it: Honestly, we thought it looked very cool when we first saw it. Whatever the reason, our client wanted to bring her back to her purist roots, and so the journey began to restore that traditional m sport look with a few cool little carbon bits here and there. First thing's first the front bumper was removed and replaced with a PhaseOne m sport style aftermarket front bumper instead. Since our client had a carbon fiber lip on his frankenstein bumper, he wanted to add a lip to the m sport bumper as well to maintain the aggressive look. He chose the PhaseCarbon 3D style lip which looks absolutely fantastic. There are quite a few choices out there since the F30 platform is quite a well developed platform, which is great for enthusiasts as it gives us options. f30 m sport front bumper To keep the flow of carbon continuous, he opted for some PhaseCarbon side skirt extensions as well. These extensions do not come with pre-drilled holes, so it allows the user to determine how aggressive you want to the lip to stick out. For a more subtle look you can tuck the extensions further back or bring it further out for a more protruding pop that will sure to draw attention. f30 m sport side skirt For those wondering, this F30 is riding on staggered 20" wheels from Stance (SF03) with a 9" width up front and 10.5" width on the rear, and it looks absolutely amazing. The last bit of touch up was the transfer the M3 style kidney grilles from the old bumper to the new, because (in our opinion) no one likes the stock chrome trim. f30 m3 style kidney grilles We were honored to be able to assist this client to help him refresh his 328d and give it a new face and a new life. We are also honored to partner with DTM Autobody who performed all the labor and was patient with us while our cameras were snapping away. If you are a proud owner of an F30 BMW 3 Series and you want to explore what possibilities are in store for you, feel free to contact us. It would be our honor and privilege to serve you. Here is the end result, please enjoy: [ux_video url=""]
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