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The BMW 4 series m sport package is by no means a cheap upgrade, but no one an argue that it looks absolutely stunning! This is why one of the first mods that many enthusiasts do is give their car a face lift with a body kit. Maybe you didn't want to get the M-Sport package from BMW direct, or maybe the dealership just didn't have the option that you wanted. Maybe you got a killer deal on a 2nd hand 435i with super low miles and a clean history report. Maybe you just like to modify cars and you've had body kits in the past and it is just a very satisfying feeling to add that personal touch to your car on your own, saving you a ton of money in the process. Whatever the reason is, you've decided that you miss the look of the BMW 4 series m sport, and you now want to do the upgrade. There are many choices on the market today and sometimes it can be a little flustering because you just dropped good money to purchase your vehicle and you don't want to just buy the first thing on the market and slap it on. Here's where Perpetual Racing can help. There are two primary factors that will affect the outcome: 1) quality of the kit and 2) experience of the shop. We will break these two points down for you. Typically, people tend to focus on the price (if this is you, we're not judging) not realizing that the product is only half the battle. Worst case scenario looks like this: you buy the cheapest BMW 4 series m sport kit you can find from eBay, call around to find the cheapest nearby shop, drop everything off, and happily be on your way. After a day or two you come get your car and it's a horror story come to life. The fitment is off, the color doesn't match, and some pieces look like they're about to fall off at high speeds. Come to find out the shop has no experience working with aftermarket body kits or polypropylene plastics, lesson learned. Next scenario, you have the same budget level kit but you were a bit more diligent and did your research on shops in the area and found one with experience and knowledge of aftermarket kits. You see their Yelp page consists of great reviews of lots of pictures of modified cars with wide body kits and aggressive stance. You frolic on over to the shop and get test fitted and you are hit with sticker shock! "The kit doesn't fit very well, and we'll need to do modifications to make it fit right. Don't worry, it will come out perfect, but it will cost you an extra [insert $$ amount that will give you sticker shock]." The money you saved from purchasing a cheap kit is now reimbursed by the cost of labor and install to get it looking just right and on top of that you get an extra dose of frustration and stress. Lesson learned. The final scenario is the one we prefer every one of our customers to experience. You did your research on BMW 4 series m sport body kits, and preferably you ended up choosing one of ours (yes we are biased). You also did your research on the shop and you walk in knowing exactly how the kit will fit and how good of a job the shop will do. You drop off your car, pick it up in a few days and a big ear-to-ear smile washes over your face and you are in love with your car all over again. Success! Point 1: OEM parts are made from a plastic called polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer that's very strong and malleable at the same time, hence you must make sure you select a quality kit such as our PhaseOne lineup of polypropylene kits. In the video here you'll find an example of one of our comprehensive conversion kits that comes with everything you would need for a perfect conversion to any BMW F32 4 Series Coupe or F33 4 Series Convertible (428i or 435i). Point 2: make sure you select a highly experienced shop such as the ones we have networked with and recommend. We have vetted out a few shops in the surrounding area that are known for great service, excellent knowledge, and breadth of experience. Some shops even have lifetime warranties so you will never feel like you were left hanging. Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions. Anyone who doesn't have the patience to deal with someone who's detail-oriented should raise a concern, because they probably just want to rush you through the process, collect the money and call it a day. Perpetual Racing wants to provide knowledge, service, and quality parts so that you can fulfill your desires when it comes to aftermarket modifications. Why not give us a call today and see how we can serve you? [ux_video url=""]
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