This is the Kies Motorsports M Performance style rear diffuser (non-carbon) for your F32 BMW 4 series.

This will fit any of the F32 generation BMW 420i, 428i, 430i, 435i, 440i as well as the xi and diesel variations.

Yes, it even fits the facelifted LCI F32 so don't you worry there!

Our Kies Motorsports performance style rear diffuser replaces the m sport diffuser so please make sure your vehicle is already equipped with the m sport package.

If not, have no fear, you can purchase one of our Kies Motorsports M sport style rear bumper conversions kits so you can have your cake and eat it too!

Why Kies Motorsports?

If quality, fitment, and durability is important to you, look no further than Kies Motorsports aerodynamics.

Our industry leading manufacturer uses some of the most cutting edge technology, coupled with over 20+ years of experience to craft the highest quality, best fitting body panels so that the conversion process is painless and the end result is simply beautiful. 

Kies Motorsports kits are constructed using the same materials that OEMs use to manufacture their body panels.

  • Bumpers are crafted using polypropylene thermoplastics, a highly durable and flexible material.
  • Fenders are crafted from quality-grade steel.

The OEM engineers chose these specific materials for a reason right? Why risk using inferior parts that fall off the instant you go over a speed bump?

Only the best can wear the Kies Motorsports moniker.

Disclaimer: Although these kits can be installed on your own (DIY) we highly recommend that you utilize an experienced body shop to perform the labor. A professional body shop can be the difference maker between a good or bad result.

As best practice when looking for a shop, you should ask to see results of their previous work. If they claim to be experienced but have no tangible evidence, we would recommend caution when taking your business there. Kiesmotorsports is not responsible for poor labor practices.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. An informed / educated customer is a happy customer.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to serving you!

Actual Customer Photos:

silver f32 with performance diffuser and carbon trunk lip

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