The M Performance package is one of the most highly sought after aero-aesthetic upgrades, because it makes such a dramatic impact to the exterior appearance of your ride!

Our Kies Carbon M Performance style upgrades serve the sole purpose of attaining that factory look without paying the factory price.

Our carbon fiber M Performance style rear diffuser will fit any 2012-2018 BMW 3 series that is equipped with the M Sport package, and if you don’t have the M Sport package you can look into upgrading with one of our PhaseOne aftermarket M Sport style rear bumper conversions.

Yes, this does fit the LCI (facelifted) 330i or 340i as well, rejoice!

Kies Carbon aerodynamic upgrades are constructed from industry standard 2x2 weave 3K carbon fiber fabric for a clean look and superb strength. It is also finished with a long lasting, high quality gloss coat finish so your parts will not only look good, but last the test of time.

Note: Please make sure you select the right exhaust option for your particular application.

DIY Instructions:

Although this DIY video demonstrates the dry carbon fiber diffuser, it will be very similar for the normal carbon fiber diffuser as well. Videos are for guidance only, however, we always recommend having your carbon fiber parts installed by a professional.

Actual Customer Photos:

335i exhaust option shown above in black F30 3 series sedan.

Another beautiful example of our carbon fiber diffuser properly installed.

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